Below are some testimonials from satisfied customers:

Dear Mr. Jeptha,

This is just a note to comment on your company and services received.

Most of my career has been with the computer industry at a variety of levels for more than thirty years with the last part in marketing and consulting, You have to be constantly aware of the importance of certain requirements when dealing with people who are potential customers. In marketing especially there is always a variety of customers that require special treatment and hand-holding.

When looking at wireless internet we found that the variety of services offered were so diversified and some times the price ranges so complicated that it became confusing. Specials and three month trials appeared to be the norm.

In discussing what you had to offer, we were pleased when you announced that your services were coming to Castleton as you expanded across this area. Your pricing was simple and your services what we were looking for.

Therefore we would like to thank you and your company and compliment you on answering our questions and enquiries whenever we called, and for the technical support and patience when we thought we had a problem.

Keep up the good work and we wish you every success in your expansion plans.

Graham Norcutt, Castleton.