No Customer Left Behind!

March 27, 2014

To our valued Customers,

With technology always moving forward at a very rapid pace, it can be hard to have an Internet Service Provider(ISP) that can keep up with the latest gadgets and goodies out here in our beautiful rural community. Our community members should not have to choose between whether they want the conveniences and perks of a true High-Speed Internet Service Provider found commonly in the City or the majestic landscape we live in here in Northumberland County. Here at Airnet we believe that the Internet is no longer just for Email and Webpages. We believe that the latest offerings from technology giants such as Netflix, Apple, Samsung, Sony and Microsoft shouldn’t be held out of your reach because of the limitations your Internet Provider has and we don’t think you should have to sign a new contract or pay expensive upgrade fees to get onto their latest networks either like the other guys do!

When Airnet began in 1998 there were limitations to the service, our maximum speed was only 0.5Mbps! This was enough to bring Northumberland County into the age of the Internet back in 1998. You could check your email, do some Yahoo searches and send pictures, all fairly quickly (yes, we said Yahoo searches. Yahoo was the search engine of choice back then!). As the company grew, so did technology and so did Airnet’s offerings. We are in our 4th Generation of our network and are now capable of offering speeds of 12Mbps, the fastest in Northumberland County! This brings the latest gadgets and goodies to your home and allows them to work at their full potential. As we rolled out this new technology to our Tower sites, the same had to be done for our customers. Every single Airnet customer needed a new Radio Transceiver to take part of our 4G network. Airnet is proud to annouce that 95% of our customer base is on our 4G network, streaming in Netflix, playing the new Xbox One and Playstation 4 and of course “Face Timing” family and friends on the latest iPhone 5S. By the end of this summer 100% of our customer base will be on our 4G network and this of course did not require our customers to sign a new contract, extent their commitment with us, or pay us anything!

Here at Airnet we leave no customer behind.