The Client Referral Program is our very simple promotion that encourages existing clients to sign up their neighbours, family and friends.

The process works on the KISS principle:
1. You refer a new client to us,
2. If we can successfully install and deliver service to your referral,
3. You get one month free internet.

NO percentages,
NO multiplication, division subtraction and addition.
NO mathematics tables or geometry to solve.

Yes, if you refer 12 new customers (and they are installed), you don’t pay for a year (12 MONTHS).

Please ensure you assist your referral when they are filling out the FREE Site Survey Request Form, so that you can be certain they put YOUR NAME on it.

Unfortunately, most people forget who originally referred them when asked on the day of the install and we would hate you losing your referral fee.

For the FREE SITE SURVEY page click here