We use a combination of antennas with radios supplied by the North American manufacturer Ubiquiti. Power for the radio is supplied via the cat5 cable that connects the outside equipment with the inside equipment through a Power-over-Ethernet Adaptor.  The $260 setup fee includes two hours of onsite labour and 100 feet of cat5e cable. Please note that the installed equipment remains the property of Airnet Wireless Inc.

  • Additional labour will be charged at $55.00 per hour.
  • Additional Cat5 Cable will charged at $00.25 per foot.
  • Towers and masts will be charged as a separate install service.
The following is our current price list for installation equipment and accessories:
Static Public IP $10.00/month
Wi-Fi AC Router $75.00
Wall/Roof Mounts $15.00
TV Tower Straight Section $99.95
TV Tower Top Section $109.95
Base Plate for drive stakes $29.65
Drive Stakes (to hold Tower at ground Level) $22.45
House Bracket (to hold tower at roof level) $35.45
Free Standing 85ft tower $4500.00
Mast 20 foot – 1.5 inch diameter $54.35
Mast 10 foot – 1.5 inch diameter $26.35
Mast 5 foot – 1.5 inch diameter $10.80
Chimney Mounts – 12 foot strapping $55.80
Chimney Mounts – 18 foot strapping $58.80
Non-Penetrating Roof Mounts – Standard $154.60
Non-Penetrating Roof Mounts – Heavy Duty $220.80
Non-Penetrating Roof Mounts – Half Size $132.60
Non-Penetrating Roof Mats $30.80
Roof Penetrating Tripod – 5 foot $78.20
  • Taxes applicable.
  • Some items may incur delivery charges.
  • Prices do not include installation Fees.