2014 DSL Service Plans

Residential Business
Download  speeds up to 6mbps up to 6mbps
Upload speeds up to 800kbps up to 800kbps
Data unlimited unlimited
30 Day
Contract Pricing
 $39.95/month $59.95/month
24 Month
Contract Pricing
$35.95 for first 6 months
then $39.95/month
$49.95 for first 6 months
then $59.95/month
Extra Services
Dry loop Fees $17.50/month $17.50/month
Static IP Address $15.00/month $15.00/month

FEES Required on
Installation Day

with 24 month contract  First and last months’ service fees
with 30 day contract First and last months’ service fees, plus $35.00 setup fee
On location Install rates $55.00/hour

* PLEASE NOTE  – ADSL services is not available throughout Northumberland County

* Direct Withdrawal or Credit Cards ONLY (VISA, Mastercard or Amex)