LTE Wireless



100 GB/mo
speeds up to10 Mbps
$50 /mo
30  hours/mo. 10*  hours/mo. 10000  hours/mo.


300 GB/mo
speeds up to15 Mbps
$65 /mo
100  hours/mo. 30*  hours/mo. 30000  hours/mo.


500 GB/mo
speeds up to25 Mbps
$85 /mo
165  hours/mo. 55  hours/mo. 50000  hours/mo.


700 GB/mo
speeds up to30 Mbps
$105 /mo
230  hours/mo. 75  hours/mo. 70000  hours/mo.


speeds up to30 Mbps
$125 /mo
unlimited  hours/mo. unlimited  hours/mo. unlimited  hours/mo.

Plan Boosters

Extra 100GB$25/mo.
Additional 2Mbps Upload$25/mo.
Additional 5Mbps Download$25/mo.
Unlimited GB$25/mo.
SAVE $5/Stacked Booster
  • Prices above include monthly radio rental fee
  • When you have EXCEEDED your Monthly Usage your internet speed will be reduced to 128kbps
  • No Overage Fees will be charged
  • The Monthly Usage Counter is reset on the first day of the month
  • Netflix requires a paid subscription to Netflix video services
  • Top-up available for Extra Data Booster only.
  • Automatic Billing applied to Additional Speed and Unlimited Data Booster until removed by request

* Not Recommended for 4K (UHD) content 

Installation Day


Install fee with 12-mth contract $0
Install fee with 30-day contract$250
LTE Connection Fee$49.99
First and last month’s fees req’dYes
Contract admin fee$35


We accept VISA, MasterCard, debit and cash
• A person who is responsible for overseeing the install, signing the necessary documents and providing a viable means of payment must be present
• A router is required if more than one computer will be accessing the internet
• Routers can be purchased from AIRNET for $99.99
• To cancel a 12 month contract you must pay the Installation Fee of $250.00
• AIRNET DOES NOT supply email addresses under its Domain Name (
• AIRNET will supply our basic radio, 100 feet of cable and up to 2 hours of labour
• Any upgraded radios, antennas, non-penetrating roof mounts, etc. are not included with the basic setup and will be charged on the day of installation
• An upgraded radio may be necessary in situations that require stronger reception of signal from our towers and are priced at $95.00

All prices above do not include tax