What is “Wireless Internet Access”?

“Wireless Internet Access” is a form of high speed, or “Broadband”, access to the Internet by means of a radio frequency – no phone or cable lines are needed. Wireless Internet Access eliminates slow downloads, busy signals and disconnections, and with it your computer is always connected to the Internet.

What equipment is needed?

We or our Resellers/Installers provide all the other parts you need. The service is available to anyone who is in an area covered by our signal, uses Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac. and/or Linux and has a functioning Ethernet port on their computer. Please note if you wish to connect more than one computer to our network, you are required to purchase a switch or router and have it availble on the day of your install.

How fast is Wireless Internet?

A wireless Internet connection allows you to communicate at high speed in both uploading (sending) and downloading (receiving). The speed at present could be up to 12mbps depending on the LOS (Line Of Sight) conditions AND the Service Plan you subscribe to. If a 2 MB file takes you close to 20 minutes with a dial-up connection in your area, with wireless access you would take around 10 seconds.

Will I have to learn anything new to use this system?

No. If you already use a web browser you will find our system amazingly easy. You click on your browser icon and you are on: As you are permanently connected there is no delay or waiting for a free line.

What are some of the benefits of having fast Internet access?

You will no longer have to wait for up to five minutes for a home page to load! It will do it in seconds. Normal modems take a long time to process “Content-rich” pages (pages with pictures and moving objects, and sometimes sound) whereas Wireless Internet Access is so fast there is almost no waiting time at all. As the Internet evolves, so will “Content” in the web pages as people find new ways to express themselves. It will be harder and harder for the normal modem’s slow connections to process so much information, making dial-up modem users more and more frustrated while they wait for pages to load. This problem does not occur with the Wireless Internet Access we offer. The download of even very “content-rich” pages is almost instantaneous. You can also make Internet calls without breaking up, send and receive files at blazing speed and, best of all, you will find that general browsing is much more enjoyable.
You can also telecommute to the Office. Our equipment will maintain a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection, Which is required by most businesses if you wish to connect to their network to be able to work from home.

What does the equipment look like?

The antenna and radio unit are in an white outdoor enclosure measuring 11x3x2. This enclosure can only be painted with Latex based paints if it is required that the enclosure matches it’s surroundings.

Do I need a phone line?

No! A phone line is not needed. The Wireless Internet connection is bi-directional, meaning your unit will both send and receive information.

Is this like Cable Modems or ADSL?

Cable Modems and ADSL are both dependent on physical wires, and on a middleman (i.e. the phone company or the cable company). With Wireless Internet Access you have no wires and are dealing directly with the Internet Service Provider.

Is my Internet access always available?

With Wireless Internet Access your computer is always connected. There are no time limits on how long you can use it. Your computer is connected 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Is this the same as “Satellite” Internet?

No! Satellite systems (the reasonably-priced ones) suffer from very high latency due to the distance travelled to the satellite.  The satellite systems cannot do VOIP or maintain a VPN (Virtual Private Network)connection. VPN’s are required for People who need to connect to their company’s network. Our wireless system will endeavor to maintain a min. speed of 1.5mbps at all times. Our system does not do bursting.

How long will it take to install?

Part of the setup fee includes up to two hours of the installers time. If your install is more difficult and therefore takes longer, the additional time will be charged at $55.00 per hour and you will be informed about the extra charges, before work is commenced.

Is it available in my area?

If you have LOS (Line of Sight) to one of our Broadcasting Stations, you can have wireless internet. We will be adding further transmission locations over the next few months. Please check our Coverage Area.