Advantage Wireless

Sub-Sonic Plan

Monthly Data Usage

300 hours of Spotify

30 hours of YouTube

20 hours of Zoom

10 hours of Netflix

Mach-1 Plan

Monthly Data Usage

2500 hours of Spotify

250 hours of YouTube

166 hours of Zoom

83 hours of Netflix

Mach-2 Plan

Monthly Data Usage

3500 hours of Spotify

350 hours of YouTube

233 hours of Zoom

116 hours of Netflix

Mach-3 Plan

Monthly Data Usage

5500 hours of Spotify

550 hours of YouTube

366 hours of Zoom

183 hours of Netflix

Mach-4 Plan

Monthly Data Usage

7000 hours of Spotify

700 hours of YouTube

466 hours of Zoom

233 hours of Netflix

*First & Last Month's Fees Required + $35 Admin Fee on day of install for new customers.

When you have EXCEEDED your Monthly Usage your internet speed will be reduced to 128kbps. No Overage Fees will be charged.
The Monthly Usage Counter is reset on the first day of the month.
EXTRA Data can be purchased at your request @ $10/20GB if required.

• Install fee with 12-month contract $0.00
• Install fee with 30-day contract $250.00
• We accept VISA, MasterCard and debit
• A person who is responsible for overseeing the install, signing the necessary documents and providing a viable means of payment must be present
• A router is required if more than one computer will be accessing the internet
• Routers can be purchased from AIRNET for $120.00
• To cancel a 12 month contract you must pay the Installation Fee of $250.00
• AIRNET DOES NOT supply email addresses under its Domain Name (
• AIRNET will supply our basic radio, 100 feet of cable and up to 2 hours of labour
• Any upgraded radios, antennas, non-penetrating roof mounts, etc. are not included with the basic setup and will be charged on the day of installation
• These upgraded radios are a combination of larger antennas and frequency specific radios and are necessary in situations that require stronger reception of signal from our towers


All prices above subject to HST