May Long Weekend Storm Update

Wed May 25, 2022

With hydro one restoring power to a number of locations in northumberland county today, we
were able to deploy a limited number of generators to restore internet service to majority
of our tower locations. To ensure proper usage of the generators, technicians will need to
shut them down a few times a day to refill with fuel and perform regular maintenance,
resulting in a brief network outage.

The following sites however, are still without stable power or offline due to damages:
Alderville, Fenella, Rainbow Drive & Gores landing.

Update May 30, 2022

After much effort, Hydro One has restored power to majority of Northumberland county however Airnet
crews are still dealing with individual client repairs as well as damages to Airnet transmission
towers. The following site is offline due to the damages sustained from the storm: Alderville West.
Airnet crews are working as fast as they can to repair the damages and install the new replacement
equipment. We apologize for any inconvenience and sincerely appreciate your patience and
understanding during this difficult time.